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Increase in Storms and Water events in Massachusetts

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Increase in Storms and Water events in Massachusetts Having a plan and enacting that plan are two different things. Practice and know how to react follow the advice.

Storms and their frequency are on the rise. In addition so too is the intensity of each event. In the United states there has been a 74% increase in the top tier precipitation events since 1958. Flood events have risen along with this severely altering the environment, wildlife, and financial obligations of cities, towns, and individual residents. With flooding of sewer systems there comes an increase of pollution to fresh drinking water access. Being prepared for these types of events is pivotal.

The areas impacted the most from these rain events has actually been the northern costal and mountainous regions of the country. Areas in Eastern Massachusetts have seen an uptick in rain event days that have more than 2 inches of rain per event.  The average rainfall has also seen a 1 to 2 inch increase since the 1970’s. The major Connecticut river basin alone has seen double the heavy rain events over the last 60 years. Most of this rain has occurred from May to September.

This shift has also changed the frequency of coastal storms. The rising sea levels are changing the shape of the coast and what is actually considered the coast. We must all be prepared. These storms are what are known as hurricanes and Nor’Easters. Those alone are not the only threats.  Increased intensity of Thunderstorms, tornado frequency and even damaging hail events are on the rise. The structural damage that is caused to homes, cars and the natural environment around you can be catastrophic.  

What scientist call the 100 Year flood is now being seen every 60 years or so. By the year 2050 these flood level events will be every 10-20 years. In Boston alone these 100 year flooding events are projected to recur every 1-2 years. For many subsets of Boston such as East Boston which are built up and used to be the harbor flooding is a serious concern. Costal Massachusetts is at high risk due to the rising rain fall and sea levels. We are already seeing an uptick in claims and severity of the claims. If you are not currently in a sanctioned flood zone yet, get flood insurance now. This will grandfather you into the policy. Should your area reclassified you will not have to pay new premiums on rates for the new requirements.

Please be aware and be prepared for these events. Check out our preparedness plans for what to have ready and on hand now so you can be safe later.

Water Energy technology ...

7/21/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Energy technology ... Water is beautiful, powerful, and can be destructive. Harnessing that power can be the difference between water damage and water energy

This link for ways to harness energy could be just the thing we need to increase renewable energy resources.

In turn through a better harness of the energy could we reduce the damage it causes when we have an influx. While these questions may be a long way off the technology is there. That is a start of new beginnings. shares wonderful news about technological advances so check back often.

The world’s first hydroelectric power plant, located along the Fox River in Appleton, Wisconsin, started illuminating the home of plant-builder H.J. Roger and a nearby building on Sept. 30, 1882. Afterward, and for the next hundred years, hydropower plants grew in size and number. Today more than 2,000 hydropower plants generate clean, reliable energy across America.

But for water power to realize its full potential, innovative technologies are needed to meet new challenges and harness new resource types, from streams to the ocean. Below are five promising water power technologies under research now: 

5 Promising Water TechnologiesWater Infographic

Modular hydropower

While existing hydropower is among the least expensive sources of electricity, building a new plant can be expensive. Modern technologies are needed to reduce installation and civil works costs. One potential answer is modular hydropower, which uses separate, similar components that can be constructed off-site then easily integrated into new or existing sites and scaled to greater capacities.

Modular hydropower systems for non-powered dams and other untapped sites can lower construction costs and reduce environmental impacts. For example, a 24-foot long and 16-foot high prototype dam, composed of six precast blocks, was built in Massachusetts as part of the HydroNext Initative in order to lower cost, improve performance, and promote environmental stewardship of hydropower development.

Powering non-powered dams

Today hydropower is the largest renewable energy source in the U.S. Still, tens of thousands of dams across the country don’t produce power. Adding generation equipment to these sites could add up to 12 GW of new hydropower capacity to the grid, and using existing dam infrastructure can lower construction costs and reduce permitting time—meaning hydropower is added to the grid faster. Because 49% of hydropower capacity is owned by the U.S. Government, federal dams represent a big opportunity to develop non-powered dams. 

Pumped-storage hydropower

Pumped-storage hydropower (PSH) works like a big battery. It pumps water to a higher elevation, which can then be released at any time to turn turbines and meet energy demand. As the largest form of utility-scale energy storage, PSH helps stabilize America’s power grid. It can respond quickly to grid instability or power outages and balance variable generation, such as from wind and solar. The country’s 42 PSH plants help make the electric grid reliable and resilient, but Energy Department-funded research shows we can add even larger amounts of new, flexible, low-cost PSH.

Tidal energy

Tides occur worldwide, but making electricity out of them requires a 16-foot difference between low and high tides. While there are no permanent tidal power plants in the United States yet, conditions are good for tidal power generation in the Pacific Northwest and the Atlantic Northeast regions. The Energy Department has funded research to develop new ways to install, maintain, and decommission tidal power plants. Recently, the Energy Department continued funding for Verdant Power, Inc. to optimize a way to deploy and retrieve three tidal turbines together as a single system with one on-water operation without diver support.

Wave Energy

Ocean waves pack immense energy. The challenge for scientists—and a focus of the Energy Department—is developing technology that can safely, reliably, and cost-effectively convert wave energy into usable electricity. But once that’s done, the potential for wave energy to supply power to major cities and distributed applications—like naval bases, desalination plants, and subsea data centers—is high. To address this challenge, the Energy Department-funded the Wave Energy Prize, an 18-month public competition, that ended with prize winner AquaHarmonics demonstrating a five-fold increase in the energy capture potential of their MHK device—which the two-person team built in a garage. 

Why is there a Mushroom inside my home

7/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why is there a Mushroom inside my home Mushrooms will grow with the right conditions. Please do not try to handle this yourself there is a bigger problem going on than just a mushroom


Many people like mushrooms and the vaiety and textures available are endless. That being said, from time to time we get calls that people have mushrooms are growing in their home. On a ceiling, out of a wall or floor. What is going on in the home that this is happening? We will dive into that a bit more and explain what conditions are needed for this to happen. One thing to know is that you do have an underlying problem and it is not going to be just as simple as getting rid of the mushrooms.

What is a mushroom? It is a variety of plant that grows in very specific conditions.  Since it does not use chlorophyll to grow it actually does much better in darker environments. Even indirect light from a florescent lamp can do the trick. One key thing that they do need is moisture, a high humidity environment is always present. While too much water will kill them moist environments are ripe for growth.  They tend to grow on decomposing materials such as trees, leaves, mulch, soil, compost wood. An ideal temperature for mushrooms is 70 degrees F but a wild mushroom with the right environment can grow in a range from 40 to 90 degrees F.

With that out of the way let us explore why that matters to you and your home. Do you have a basement, attic or crawl space? Do you have a bathroom that is used at all? Is there a toilet in your home that has water in it? You are halfway there to having the right environment for growth.  Do you live in an area with humidity levels that are tracked by the local weatherman? Yikes you are getting closer. Does the interior of your home feel humid and sticky? Have you ever had a water leak that you cleaned up on your own? How is the pitch and grade of the water away from your home? Do you live in a flood zone or have had more rain than normal? Was there a flood on your street due to a pipe break or excessive rain? If you answered yes to any of these questions you could have the right environment for mushrooms in your home.

Let me first explain that if you see a mushroom in your home you have mold in the house somewhere. You also have water that is getting onto surfaces that you do not want it on. Should you see mushrooms you must immediately work on finding the water source. A slow drip pipe leak, a toilet whose seal has broken even just a little bit could be the reason. There could a number of reasons for the water intrusion. Just removing the mushroom will not alleviate the problem. Once you find the source of the water and stop it, you much assess the true damage. Follow the path from the water source to the mushroom.

 Let us provide you with a real life example.

                Toilet leak: Owner knew about the toilet leak: It dripped from the 2nd floor bathroom down into their dining room and into the basement.  The owner initially elected to clean it up on their own.  Wiping everything down and cleaning the walls and ceiling they thought were affected. The unfinished basement was nominal in their eyes and they threw some cat litter on the floor to absorb the water. Thinking all was fine they went about their lives. Days later the dining room ceiling had mushrooms growing from it. What the owners did not do was clean between the walls nor did they dry out the spaces between them. The contaminated water that was trapped between the walls provided a prime environment for the spores of the mushrooms to grow and spread out from the mold that had started to run along the wood beams. There was a great deal of work that needed to be done to open up the walls and decontaminate everything that the water had touched and spread to. Had a professional been called initially they could have opened smaller sections and reduced the damage. There is more to the story but the moral is just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not there.

There are steps you can take to reduce moisture in your home.

Keep bathrooms as dry as possible when done using it.

 Wipe the inside of the shower down.

Keep all towels off the floor

Use mats at all major entrances and especially in shower and bathroom areas

Have a professional check all the pipes for leaks

Inspect the toilet for a proper seal.

Call a professional if you have a water intrusion in your home.

The most important part of seeing a mushroom in your home is knowing that you have something bigger going on. You have to accept this and know that it is not as easy as getting rid of the visible problem. Even if you call a professional it is important to trust what they are saying to you and not be solely driven by money there can be major consequences should you ignore or not properly treat a mold problem. Remember there are all sorts of tips and tricks online not all of them are accurate.

Bleach may work on the mushrooms in your home but they do not work on the mold. Where there is mushroom there is mold. Be sure you do your research and don’t try to tackle this problem on your own.

Revere Chamber of Commerce Awards Ceremony

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Community Revere Chamber of Commerce Awards Ceremony Veterans Service Awards Issued to those that have served proudly and continue to invest in the community. Thank you for all that you do

We were so proud to be part of the 4th Annual Revere Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Reception. It was a night filled with community pride and some wonderful people striving to make a difference.

Join us in congratulating the winners.

New Business Award: Aladdin’s Grill & Brewing Café

Community Service Award: The Neighborhood Developers

Coaches Award: Revere Youth Sports; Eddie Sullivan/Donnie

Coaches Award: Revere High School; Lianne O’Hara Girls Basketball/ David Leary Boys Basketball

Educator of the Year: Tom Misci Principal of Seacoast Academy

Education and Business Partnership Award: Inversant

Veterans Service Award

- VFW Post 6712 Beachmont

- VFW Post 4524 Joseph Leon J. Mottola

- American Legion Post 61

- Revere Jewish War Veterans Post 161

- Revere Veterans Committee

- City of Revere Veterans Service Office

- Nick Bua

- Donna Dreezen

Visual Achievement Award

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel


Lifetime Achievement Award

Mickey “Say No to Drugs” Casoli

Business of the Year

Waterfront Square Developers

Eurovest Development Inc.

Covington Realty Partners

TA Realty

Upton and Partners


Water Damage more than meets the Eye

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage more than meets the Eye There a lot of layers behind a wall.. When your home gets flooded are you sure you dried it all out.

Your home should be your place of rest. When water begins leaking – even small leaks in areas you can’t see inside your home could quickly become a source of stress. The possibility of harmful mold, rot and unseen damage may affect the value of your home and the health of loved ones. Professionals understand how disruptive water damages can be for your entire family and will help ensure the water is identified, regardless of where it hides. That’s why we offer 24-hour

emergency response by trained, uniformed restoration professionals. With top-of-the line equipment and time-tested cleanup and restoration techniques, and have the expertise to help make your house feel like home again.

After all, when it comes to your home and family even a small disaster can feel like a huge problem. So if water damage occurs in your home just call a professional and get the job done right the first time.

The professionals you call should be able offer the following. Please keep in mind these professionals while adept at water damage and clean up they are not plumbers and cannot fix the underlying cause of the water.

Identify the Source/Type of Water.

Measure Temperature and Humidity for Drying Analysis.

Survey the Extent of Damage and Inspect the Premises For Hidden Moisture.

Perform Emergency Water Extraction.

Move and Block Furniture and Contents.

Inspect Carpet Pad/Carpet and Provide Service.

Apply Necessary Treatments (Disinfectants/Deodorization).

Utilize Advanced Drying and Monitoring Equipment.

Dispose of Refuse.


Water damage that you do not see is the most worrisome to us. People are always looking to save money and we get that. This results in attempts to clean up water damage themselves. Not only is this a bad idea it can be dangerous.

Water backup is from improper drainage to the sewer lines on the streets. Think about that for a moment. ..Sewer line back up, Contamination bacteria and a host of other hidden potentials. The other problem with this self clean up all too often people forget about what you cannot see. For example water comes in through the home, passes through your wall to get into your home. What is in your wall that you do not see? Insullation, Drywall, electrical wiring, maybe even insects and animal dropping or carcasses can all be behind there. When dirty water passes through there a lot that can go wrong, especially when you do not know it is even there.

Water restoration companies have special equipment that allows them to determine how wet certain materials are behind the scenes. They also have the training to understand water migration and that what is not always visible can still be there. Special training and equipment allows them to know to pull off baseboards, proper angle of fans in conjunction with industrial styled dehumidifiers to properly push the water out from behind walls into the air and extract it directly out of the air. There is a lot more to water remediation than getting it off the floor. You must then have the proper cleaners and anti-microbial sprays to rid the surfaces of all the bacteria and contaminants the water touched.

Please make sure you reach out to your local remediation company whenever you have water intruding into your home so that you can get back to normal as quickly and safely as possible.

Why having an actual office can grow your ROI

3/27/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Why having an actual office can grow your ROI Why having an actual office can grow your ROI...

Do you offer products and services to a client? Have you given up paying for physical space and set up shop in your garage with a desk in the living room? You may want to think again

While cost savings and a reduced back end operating cost is always important it may not be the best way to maximize your profit margins and control cost. There is a new emergence and longing for a connection from consumers. They are seeking out the differentiator. While still price driven they strive for the best for their money and many times the personal touch and extraordinary service that online outlets lack is just what they are looking for. Many are willing to pay a little extra to get so much more. There is an element of connection that is lost with only an online venue for goods and even services.


There is a shift with many consumers looking to enhance their experience with personal connections. The ability to stop into the local shop and talk to “Jerry”; have all your questions answered, items received, and problems solved immediately. Without a call tree, 40 lines of script back and forth with what seems like a computer or even a sent email into the abyss hoping for a reply up to a week later.

Having a fixed location can set you apart from your competition. So you are service driven company, how could spending money on an office possibly help you? Let us take a look at that. Which one of your key competitors has an office? How knowledgeable are you about your industry? What information would you like clients to know about that won’t fit on flier? Bet your wondering why we just asked you all these things.


If you have something your competitors do not you are already better off. An office can be a way to differentiate yourself. Clients can come into your office sit with you; understand what you are doing and how you can help them. Providing them an option other than their home gives you more control over the situation and could lead to better job conversion.

Your knowledge of your industry can prove pivotal if you have an office. You can hold seminars or lunch and learns for potential clients. This will show you are an industry leader and provide a smaller more intimate one on one learning environment to interact with potential clients. It also allows you to separate the more challenging things you come across. Common and frequently asked questions can be explained one time to a larger group reducing lost production time.

Developing a sense of who you are can earn you bonus points and getting to know the community beyond those you currently know is essential for growing your business. Most industries cannot rely on repeat and referral only. There was a time you actually went out and got new clients, you would not have a business if you had not. Why did you stop, get it going. Every year through attrition you lose up to a third of your business. What are doing to replace it?

The office can be the perfect way to engage, educate and encourage new clients to choose you over a competitor. One to one meetings you have control over, educational seminars to prove you’re a leader in your industry, Q&A sessions for potential new clients to get to know you and the services you offer. Win win all round..

So work on finding that office and get out of the truck, garage, or house and stop letting your business run you.

Prepare Now...Weather through later.....

3/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Prepare Now...Weather through later..... Preparing for a disaster is the best way to make it through the disaster. Plan Prepare Persevere

IPAWS…. No it is not a fancy term for a program for pet lovers… it is an Integrated Public Alert and Warning System ( IPAWS)

Created by FEMA, to provide an effective way to get information quickly and accurately out to the public in times of emergencies. It is able to tap into all the major emergency networks such as Emergency Alert System (EAS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for any weather related problems, Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) It is also used to send Presidential, AMBER and imminent threat alerts out. These messages can be sent through one or all of these channels to ensure that everyone that needs to be reached can be.


So what is NOAA.. It is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting forecasts, warnings, and emergency information 24 hours a day. It is a comprehensive weather and emergency information service available to the public. All Hazards messages include weather events, technological incidents such a chemical spills, AMBER alerts, and national emergencies. NWR also broadcasts EAS notices. A special radio receiver is required to receive NWR broadcasts. You can buy these receivers at many retail electronic stores, department stores, big box stores or even online. Make sure you are looking for the Public alert or NWR logo to ensure the radio meets the requirements. Models that identify as SAME ( Specific Area Message Encoding) will allow users to select alerts for specific geographic areas. For information on NOAA Weather radio All Hazards visit. 

Local Jurisdiction Emergency Notification System:

Many local jurisdictions have an opt-in public alert and warning system. The opt-in systems requires you to sign up in order to receive the alert. Once you have signed up officials in your area can send you a text or email messages about local emergencies. Most opt-in systems all subscribers to choose the devices that receive alerts as well as the type of alerts. You may not be near a television or a radio when something happens a local text or email can be an extremely useful source for critical information. Small costs may be associated with receipt of the text message from your mobile carrier.

To find out what alerts are available in your area you can do a search online with your town, city, or county name and the word “Alerts”: You can go to the website for your local emergency management or public safety office, on contact these officials by phone.


Enhanced Telephone Notification (ETN) Systems;

In the event of an emergency local officials in many communities can send warning messages and instructions to individuals in an at risk areas through the ETN system. Such as a reverse 911 call. Most of these systems involve a land line phone system. At times they will allow a VOIP, and mobile through an opt-in process. So incase you do not have a land line check with local emergency management for information on this feature and its availability.

Out Door Sirens & or Voice Alert Systems

These systems are used to alert people outdoors of an immediate danger so they can take cover. It is not designed to be heard inside buildings or go through walls. Some communities while they have the siren in place it is no longer working. Please check with local officials to see if it is provided in your area.

Local School or Organization Notification Systems:

Many work places, schools, and community & Faith based organizations have systems in place to warn individuals of emergencies and provide tailored notifications to members. They are similar to the systems used but local emergency officials so check with the heads of these organizations and opt-in where you can.

Mobile APPS with Local alert functions.

FEMA APP ( Federal Emergency Management Association)

This will keep you updated on a vast array of emergency updates for up to 5 areas of the United States. There will be tips on how to stay safe, before, during and after over 20 various types of hazardous situations. You can customized it and save information for your families emergency plan. Receive and find driving directions to open shelters for disaster recovery. Submitting photos on the areas affected will help rescures find those most in need and keep tabs on everyone that needs assistance. This can be done through the disaster reporter feature. The app is available in English and Spanish and can be found through ITUNES or Google Play to learn more visit

American Red Cross APP

This app contains over 35 different types of severe weather and emergency alerts. You can choose the alerts you want to receive and that are important to you based on your location or that of your loved ones. There is a “Family Safe” feature that allows you to notify others if an alert has been issued in the area as well letting you check to see if they are safe. It also has tips on what to do before a disaster strikes, how to keep yourself safe during and what to do after. It will also keep you update on were Red Cross Shelters will be should you need help. This again is in English and Spanish and be found in either ITUNES or Google Play. To learn more visit…


The Weather Channel App

This app tracks you guessed it weather and provides local forecasts. It will push out alerts of severe weathers to your mobile device as soon as they happen. This is free on ITUNES or Google Play. It can also be downloaded is APP world for black berry and windows phones at


Recap of actions you can take to be prepared.

Confirm your mobile device can receive Wireless Emergency Alerts

Sign up for text or email alerts from your local jurisdiction

Consider purchasing a NOAA weather Radio All Hazards

If you do not have a land line check to see of your local community has operations set up for VOIP and or mobile phones to be connected to the ETN systems such as reverse 911.

Sign up for listservs and alerts for the workplace, schools, houses of worship or other community organizations you may want to hear from during an emergency

Download all relevant apps for appropriate alerts, hazards or warnings.

Create a list of all the alert systems available to you for your area. Make sure everyone in the household receives the alerts as part of your household communication system.



Test all of your emergency systems regularly to ensure proper working order. Also making sure everyone within the organization can be contacted.

Designate specific individuals to be responsible for distributing alerts from an official source.

Consider getting some NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards.

Develop a list of all the alert systems available for the communities surrounding the areas you service. This is especially important with multiple locations.

Encourage all of your employees to sign up for alerts and warnings. Assist them with finding the necessary information.


America’s PrepareAthon! Is a grassroots campaign for action to get more people prepared for emergencies. Make your actions count.

Interior Demolition Services

3/1/2017 (Permalink)

Building Services Interior Demolition Services Clean interior demolition with no screws pieces of drywall or materials stuck to the floor is important when prepping a room



There are many types of demolition. However we are going to talk about interior non structural demolition. This occurs for many reasons, home remodel, Water, mold, or fire damage, asbestos or lead abatement and more. This work can be done on any building commercial, residential and  in the public or private sector. Many times this work is a necessary as a result of damage of some sort. There are times that a home or building owner has decided to remodel and modernize an area or entire building.


Many remediation companies are called in after there has been some sort of catastrophe. When a pipe break, ice dam or even a fire occurs it can leave a home in ruins. At times they are called when you have tried to clean up some water damage yourself because if you cannot see it is gone right? Maybe you did not even  know that you had the damage. This can result in mold, and a lot of it. When that happens there is a lot more work that needs to happen. These companies are trained to handle this sort of disaster and are adept at containing the damage to affected areas of your home as well as cutting down the dust and contaminates that  could permeate to others areas of your home. With special equipment like HEPPA filters, air Scrubbers and professionally set up containment systems you can find confidence that they will keep you and your family or staff safe.


That knowledge and expertise makes them the perfect selection for a future remodel job that you are under taking. That same level of care with containment systems and air filters may be lacking in other construction companies as they do not deal with times that it may affect people’s health and safety. These containment areas also reduce the amount of dust that infiltrates your home which makes for a less costly and clean up once the job is done.

Many times there are abandoned, or foreclosed buildings that banks are trying to unload that have been damaged from neglect. This neglect can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars reducing the profit on getting the building sold. This results in great deals for those willing to do the work. Banks are not in the business of owning property so they must move on it as quickly as possible. General Contractors will many times buy these properties for very reasonable rates and refurbish them to sell a few months later. Most of these homes need to be fully gutted. While the foundation and the studs of the building are fine the rest needs to go.


Calling a company that deals with the interior of buildings such as fire water and mold restoration companies is a clear choice. They are have knowledge, man power and skills to get the building down to the studs with clean demolition (We will get into that in a moment). They are able to improve the air quality for your rebuild team to go in. In addition they are able to suppress any mold that is found before a rebuild team starts to cover it back up. They can remediate the existing mold and utilize their special anti- fungal and anti-microbial sprays to eliminate any issues that could pop up down the line if your guys did not see it or know what they were looking at.

Ok so clean demolition, what is that? Often a demolition company will come in and rip out a wall, pull down a ceiling and get to the studs of a home. They forget to take out all of the screws, leave a tack strip against the wall from a carpet that was laid down. Maybe they even make cuts that are well similar to what you 3 year old tried to do in the garage. We have seen it and it happens all the time.  Clean demolition accounts for all of these things so that every screw is removed, every piece of drywall removed and done with precision cuts no jagged edges or ripped drywall.  It ensures that there are no issues that will pop up later down the road from water damage that was not dried properly. Mold will not continue to grow if already present due to the anti- fungal and anti-microbial sprays. This can seem like a higher upfront cost than traditional demolition but trust us.  In the long run there is always a savings in the end.

So when your home project needs some demolition turn to the companies that area already in the business with good habits and a keen eye. Because you never know what is behind those walls.

Mold: The Myth ; The Reality; The Solution

2/23/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold: The Myth ; The Reality; The Solution Great example of mold visibility and level of actual damage

Mold is everywhere. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It is not always bad either. Many molds we embrace and some of us even eat as delicacies. Yeast, Mushrooms and Blue Cheese are great examples of molds we embrace and are widely consumed.  In addition many are used in hospitals every day to fight and ward off infections such as Penicillin, Lovastatin, Clyclosprine and many more. We also find ourselves in contact with mold every time we go out. Most of this mold is harmless and does nothing to us. The damage lies in when we are in enclosed spaces with reduced circulation and a moist environment. There are specific types of mold that produce spores known as Mycotoxin these are the ones you do not really want around. That being said there are some myths about how to handle and clean this up should you find it within your home. 

Let us take a look at the top 8 myths:

Mold is natural so you do not have to worry about it

If you only see a little bit of mold it is nothing to worry about it.

There should be no mold inside

All mold is bad

All mold causes health problems

Bleach Kills mold

Killing mold is enough I do not have to remove it

Cleaning up mold is not that hard you can do it yourself.

WOW ok that is a lot of information and very contradictory information at that. We have already debunked the idea that all molds are bad but what about the rest. While mold is a naturally occurring substance that does aid in decay it does not make it safe all the time. As we stated it is the type of mold that can be damaging not only to the air but also any building or area that it is found it. This is due to the way it feeds. It must absorb nutrients from the organism rather than directly eating it.

So when you can actually see the mold you have a much larger problem. Mold likes warm moist areas to live. All too often these are places you that go undisturbed for extended periods of time. When you can see the mold it is like an iceberg. The majority of it lives below the surface. When you open a container of fruit that was in the back of the refrigerator what you see is contained inside a sealed area. Your home attic, basement or forgotten closet is not quite as contained.

This is not to say that no mold should be inside a home at all. Mold is everywhere and all around you but acceptable levels and safe types of mold are the focus here. When an area is given ripe conditions for growing mold is where problems arise. Your health along with any allergies will determine how much mold you can tolerate within the environment. No one has set specific levels however within confined spaces vs outside our tolerance levels are drastically affected. There are a great number of contributing factors that come into play. Central heating and cooling for example allow for rapid air flow which can circulate spores faster as well create more air borne particles more likely to be breathed in than those that are not.

Having already determined that not all mold is bad, let us examine what happens to your health when you do come into contact with mold. First and foremost it does not mean you will get sick. Just like anything else there are varying degrees. Let us just say that you are very sensitive to the environment, already sick, or have severe allergies to other things. This could lead to a more intense reaction to mold spores. This does not mean a lack of a reaction means it is safe left un-treated it will continue to grow and can quickly become out of control.

So how do you get rid of it.. Bleach right… WRONG.. Understanding basic science helps here. Bleach is meant for topical treatments and does not soak into materials. Bleach is also very strong and can damage many surfaces that it comes into contact with. So anything porous gets a good cleaning from the surface could be ruined and you still have mold. Mold does not live on the surface of materials which we already discussed. It is a deep down organism. It needs the same to combat it. Concrobium ( Commercial grade) has these properties. It gets through the surface deep down into the materials. It then finds the mold spores and wraps itself around then and crushes them as it dries. While doing so the anti-microbial barrier remains on the surface to protect against future mold growth. Bleach dries and evaporates. Remember mold is under surfaces just like the iceberg.


Ok so I will go to the store and get some of that and I am all set right?? Well not exactly. Just wiping down a surface with the Concrobium will not do it. What caused the mold to grow in the first place. Did you use a scope and look behind the walls, get into the attic, or crawl space and see what was going on. Did you stop the problem? Did you remove the ruined insulation? What was the insulation rating, how thick was it and what did you do to replace it? How about that wall that is covered from the back? Were you able to get it all wiped and cleaned wait what about the front of the wall the pretty part? Did you spray and wash that down? What about the middle paint has a membrane that most moisture can not get through which is why you only saw it on the back of the wall. The middle of the wall though what did you do to access that! This is why you do not just wipe it down kill what you can see and move on.



Killing the spores that are there does not mean you still do not have a problem. If some of the spores were disturbed while you were spraying the solution and traveled outside of the treated area you will have this problem again. If too many of the spores became air borne they can get into vents and duct work and move to other areas of the house. Or even push down deeper into the materials affected and work from the other side that you may not have treated. Looking behind walls to determine the scope of the work needed is important. Many walls and beams can be affected and could need to be replaced. Calling a professional to assist in the proper remediation is the best way to get it taken care of properly.


Myths debunked. Check. Doctor visits are recommended if you suspect you have any issues that could stem from mold. Always call a professional and have them assess the situation before you try and handle it yourself. Be safe out there and makes sure you remember not all mold is bad.

Game changer if you have a fire at your business

2/22/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Game changer if you have a fire at your business Fires at your business are devastating. Knowing what to do and who to call is a game changer..

Fires at a business can be debilitating. There are many facets of business interruption that occur. Having to close your doors to clients, employees and revenue are the most disastrous. Many times businesses without a solid plan do not reopen. We are here to show you some ways to prevent that from happening. Timely responses are going to be your best friend when disaster strikes. Proper communication will provide you with a true scope of the damage as well as an explanation of how it will be handled.


First and foremost you must have a plan of action you will take prior to any major disaster. Whom it is you will be calling to get you back to normal. What company do you have to do the remediation process?? What you do not know, So you will be calling your agent they will know who you can call Right??? They are closed or on vacation. So you are going to call in a claim to the insurance company??? Where is your paperwork, in the desk where the fire just occurred? Probably as you have never had to use it before. So now without a plan you have just spent the better part of an hour trying to find someone to call.


Over an hour has passed and you are stuck in an endless call tree waiting for your insurance company claim department. Did you know most remediation companies can show up within 4 hours of the initial call. Many times it is much earlier than that. Starting the process of cleaning up your damage sooner rather than later will reduce the secondary damage that many insurance companies will not cover. . With solid knowledge of the claim process and the need for their services most insurance companies do not need prior approval or a claim number before services are started. Calling a restoration company and having one already in mind can save you valuable time.


There are restoration companies out there that provide emergency preparedness plans that are accessible from an app on your phone. All important contacts right at your finger tips. Filing a claim directly from the app allows you to put into motion the clean up process to ensure there is no lapse in executing a plan. These plans can also show emergency responders where your major shut off valves are so they are able to keep themselves safe as well as stop any additional damage from occurring.


Although a fire may be contained on one floor, the damage caused by the fire may affect other floors within the building. As a business owner your focus is on handling the job promptly and properly to minimize disruptions to your customers, employees and vendors. Prompt action by a professional helps reduce secondary or long term effects allowing you to return to business as usual. How you can prevent additional damage until a professional arrives is.


1) Limit movement within the affected area

2) Place towels, sheets or old linens on areas where traffic will occur to prevent additional contamination or tracking soil into unaffected areas.

3) DO NOT ..>DO NOT attempt to wipe off or remove any soot that sits on any walls furniture or stationary object. This can push the soot and odor deeper into the material making it more difficult or impossible to remove later.

4) DO NOT attempt to clean any carpets or upholstered furniture without speaking to a professional.

4) Turn off and or unplug all technology in affected areas and do not turn on until you consult a repair service

5) DO wipe chrome faucets, appliances or other non porous surfaces ( NO Stone counter tops do not count) The apply a light coating of lubricant.


A professionally trained individual is the best way to ensure that you have the most effective cleanup possible following a fire. Attempts to clean up the damage can result in improper drying resulting in mold. Smudging in the soot deeper into the materials can result in inability to remove the damage and lock in the odors.

Not every fire damage is the same but there are some basics of treating fire damage that remain constant.

What to expect:

Smoke and soot removal

Water Removal and dehumidification

Odor Removal


Many times restoration companies will contact you back to arrange services within 1 hour. Their arrival is usually no later than 4 hours after that initial phone call< many times earlier. They will communicate the scope of work and how things need to be handled within 8 hours. This ensures a solid foundation for getting you back up and running as soon as possible. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays so that you can start getting back to normal right away.